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Market Research

Once you create the questionnaire and distribute it to Licorice, you can get the specified number of the answers the next day. It is also possible to deliver the tasks by filtering the targets such as gender, age, occupation, annual income etc.. Since a wide range of attribution users are registed, we can efficiently explore the target user's insight. Read More

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Attracting Customers

Your ads can be delivered in accordance to the survey answers that were chosen by our users. With segmentations that match the chosen answers, users can access advertisements that fit their interests. After users click on your ad, they will go directly to your product web page, and users will gain in-app points. Read More

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With Licorice, you can distribute job vacancy to target employees that match your criteria (gender, residence, age, etc.). You can sort job applicants who sent their CV through our platform easily, so that your recruitment process becomes easier. Read More

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Generating Contents

You can use Content Gathering feature to collect your desired contents. Our users are able to send you writings or images/photos that you can collect in a big number, and you can use it as reference for creating or writing documents that you need. Read More

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Why Licorice?

Objectively Knows Your Market Segmentation.

Our expert staffs are always in control of the quality of the research that we are doing. Our company uses integrated system developed by our partner companies in Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Our Company Networking

Talk to us in English! Subsidiary in Indonesia, subsidiary in Vietnam, Japan head office

Talk to us in English! Subsidiary in Indonesia, subsidiary in Vietnam, Japan head office

Online Research Platform S Market Research Company M LICORICE Research Flow User decides their own questions, and then spready it via internet (WEB). Company sends off the data analysis process to other expert companies. First, we will discuss with client about the desired market research, and our expert staff will give several options suitable to your needs. Questions for the survey can be composed by the client themselves or by our staff.Respondent SearchUser can look for their own respondent, or buys respondents offered by the company (Rp 25.000.000 per 500 respondents).Company looks for respondents manually.Respondents search is not only gathered manually, but automatically as well to our smartphone survey application users.AnalysisResearch results are presented in graphic format, however analysis will be done by user.Expert staffs does the checking.Professional staff from our partner company in Japan will do the analysis and checking for every research to ensure the quality.PriceRp550.000/monthRp100.000.000~Rp6.000.000~

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